Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1:  In a nutshell, what is Connect.JO about?

Connect.JO is a virtual network comprised of a collection of individuals living outside (and inside) of Jordan that believe in this organization’s vision, mission, and objectives.  Brain drain is a real problem for Jordan that we are tackling in specific sectors.  Not only can Jordanians living abroad help Jordan through financial remittances (e.g., funds and venture capital), they can also provide knowledge and experience remittances (e.g., educational scholarships, job internships, subject matter expertise, market access & connections).  We are an organization that is free of any marketing, political and religious views.  Please visit the “About Connect.JO” section on our website for more information.

Q2:  As a network, what/who is Connect.JO aiming to connect?

The best way to describe this is to show our framework below.  We aim to facilitate our members’ knowledge and expertise, by connecting them to relevant and credible points of interest in Jordan

Connec.JO WorkFlow.png

Q3:  What is Connect.JO not about?

We are not a traditional for-profit company seeking to hire individuals (not yet, at least).  Nor are we a job board or resume database for applicants to look for employment opportunities.

Q4:  Is Connect.JO hiring?

Not at this time.  Currently, Connect.JO is run as a mostly volunteer-based non-profit organization.  If there are any open positions in the future, we will announce them on our website and through our social media channels.

Q5:  Can Connect.JO help me find a job?

No.  Please do not submit your resume/CV to us.  If there are internship positions scholarships available (as arranged from our network members), they will be announced via the appropriate channels.

Q6:  Why do potential members need to apply?

We are looking for members who are “willing and able” to contribute to our vision, mission, and objectives.  This typically comes from years of experience in the sectors we are working in.  Our objective is to make sure that our members will be an integral part of the network and work towards its success.

Q7:  Why was my membership application rejected?

We have well-defined membership criteria that each applicant is vetted against.  Any rejected applicant would have received an email informing them of the reasoning for the rejection.