Jordan-US Investment Forum:

Paving the Way for New Business Opportunities that Create Lasting Growth for US Companies and Jordan





Is a member of the United States Chamber of Commerce, is a voluntary not-for-profit member-based organization that contributes to economic development through the promotion of US-Jordan-regional trade and investment, business development, public policy advocacy, human resources development and business community outreach. Established in 1999, current membership stands at over 190 top U.S. and Jordanian companies.



Works closely with businesses to help them develop and implement concrete commitments to support and empower refugees. We believe that companies have the greatest impact when they treat refugees not as victims, but as economically-productive workers, suppliers, entrepreneurs, and customers — and when they leverage their core business operations to hire refugees, integrate them into supply chains, invest in refugees, and deliver services to them



Is the Jordanian government body responsible for providing, coordinating and managing the necessary funding for development projects from different funding sources through soft loans, grants and technical assistance, and developing aid coordination mechanisms in addition to the financial management of funds directed at development programs and projects in accordance with national priorities and strategies of donors. MoPIC works as a liaison between donors and international financing institutions, and the ministries and government institutions.



Is at the forefront of serving current and prospect investors in Jordan to ensure a high ease of doing business and strong investor protection regulation. We, at the Jordan Investment Commission, are committed to being your strategic partner with solutions personalized to your needs at any stage of your business growth and or establishment.



Is a USAID-funded program that aims to increase the competitiveness of the private sector in Jordan, promote investment in the country and increase export with the purpose of creating jobs and improving the lives of Jordanians.



An international financial institution that works to end poverty by helping create sustainable economic growth. Since 1947, the World Bank has funded over 12,000 development projects, via traditional loans, interest-free credits, and grants. The World Bank has recently formed a Foundations Advisory Council that comprises a number of philanthropy foundations including Tent Foundation, Dubai Cares, Ford Foundation and many others with the objective of starting a dialogue with these foundations and provide them with direction on specific global crises they can help with.



Is a flexible, buy-in mechanism that allows USAID missions and operating units around the world to quickly and efficiently access the expertise required to identify, design, deploy, and evaluate appropriate blended finance approaches. INVEST bolsters the ability of USAID missions and operating units to attract and leverage private resources to address critical development challenges more sustainably and at greater scale.



A leading non-profit organization building bridges between Silicon Valley and the MENA region. In Silicon Valley, TechWadi brings together technology movers and shakers through conferences, networking events, workshops, and mentorship programs. In the MENA region, TechWadi works with leading regional and international organizations to empower high impact entrepreneurs and help build a sustainable infrastructure to help entrepreneurship thrive and succeed.



A U.S. nonprofit think tank based in Washington, D.C. that focuses on international development. CGD conducts research within a range of topics that impact global poverty and people of the developing world. Topics include aid effectiveness, education, globalization and global health, as well as the impact of trade and migration on development.



a market-leading FDI technology and consulting company at the forefront of innovation and thought-leadership in FDI. We provide technology, data, and business development solutions for the global FDI community. Currently representing Jordan worldwide



A global management advisory firm based in Amsterdam and Boston specializing in corporate location advisory, entry, incentives advisory,  investment promotion strategies, FDI advisory and training & seminars. Currently ICA is assisting the Jordan Investment commission in it capacity to promote investment internationally.